Graphic Design and the Importance of Good Branding

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Graphic Design

Graphic design and branding are far from being new concepts. They have been around for quite some time and are known to be the magic tools behind the success of many products and companies around the world.

Yet, many small and large businesses still tend to underestimate the real power of graphic design and good branding. The argument often is that “making things look pretty” is a waste of money. Of course, nobody underestimates the importance of quality. Bad product with a pretty logo won’t make it far. However, even the best product in the world can still fail if not communicated properly.


The market is crowded with great products, most of them are just better or worse version of the same concept. If there is something unique, it doesn’t last long and becomes replicated thousands time over; there is no escape.

What makes all these products different?

Their narrative.

The Story

The story behind your product or service matters, it is what connects you with the minds and hearts of your target audience. Graphic design and branding are the tools that help you communicate that story directly into unsuspecting subconscious of your target audience. They help to connect your product or service with emotions and ideas which in turn connect with consumers.


For example, Apple is the master of understanding that design and narrative matter as much as the product. Apple products are pretty impressive but not perfect. Still, there are millions of people around the world so obsessed with the brand they are capable of defending it against all the odds and attacks. Why? It’s not the products as much as the well-marketed idea behind the products: Be Different! Apple created a persona of a rebel, an innovator, a trendsetter… quite simply, people crave to be associated with all these labels.

Power of the Visual

Graphic design is a building block of your branding. It’s present everywhere be it newspaper, magazines, social media, packaging, websites, posters, books, signage and if you provide an online tool or an app – it’s an internal part of your product. It is the face of your company and visual representation of what you believe in. As the Internet and tech continue to penetrate our lives, eye-catching graphics are more becoming more and more important.

The design is what communicates value and inspires trust. Be honest with yourself? If you stumbled on a website with a sloppy amateur design that looks like it has been made in the 90s would you trust that company? No, you would not. Boring, messy, unreliable, dodgy, over-complicated, trustworthy, skilled, expert, exciting, innovative, different? The design you choose can convey any of these messages in milliseconds. That means bad branding and design can cost you customers before they even have a genuine look at your product.

Below are five main reasons why branding and the graphic design representing it are so important for business no matter its the size or focus:

1. Improves Recognition


The major component of your brand is your logo and the design around it. The logo is the face of the company. If the logo, color scale, and design are done really well, people can recognize your brand before even the logo enters the scene. If you see a red vending machine, without even seeing the front with the logo, you immediately think of Coca-Cola. Nike logo is incredibly simple yet powerful and dynamic. Underlined by “Just Do It’” it represents the emotions the brand wants you to feel when using their products.

Branding starts with a good professional logo, and although it might seem like an “extravagant” spending, it will pay off. The right logo with a clean and unanimous design is the first and most important impression your company will make on a consumer and help you to be recognized no matter the circumstances.

2. Inspires Trust

Simply put, professional appearance builds trust. You would not come to a business meeting in sweatpants so why do you think it’s OK to dress your company in a sloppy design? We live in a visual culture where the appearance of things holds an enormous influence over our daily decisions (whether we realize it or not).

3. Creates Financial Value

The quality of the product ensures your customers are happy. However, it’s the branding that lets everybody know how good you are. A strong brand carries the message further and faster than anything else. Companies and brands with imposing presence and significant following are much more likely to attract investors and other financially attractive opportunities.

4. Inspires Employees


Having the image of the best attracts the best. The image you project attracts and motivates certain type of people. Thus, your branding is not only important from the customer point of view but also from the HR perspective. There is no better employee as the ones who want to work for you because they love your brand and believe in your values. If you want to be productive, you need employees who care as much as you do.

5. Good Branding Generates New Customers

A brand that is attractive and eye-catching will grab attention and even of the sale is not immediate, it will spread awareness. A brand memorable will get you referral business. A brand that has a clear image, clean design and a good story can go as far as convert your customers into fans, who are crazy about everything you do.

Bottom Line

Today, quality design and branding is not a luxury but rather a necessity for any business, no matter how small. It gives your company a face and represents it at all times, even if you are not there.

Quality graphic design and branding speak to consumers before you even say a word and can enable your brand to grow and flourish.



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