Cosmic Strike is one of our most popular SEO services. The process involves manual outreach to influential people in your niche. We only reach out to bloggers that are involved in YOUR industry, this means that some of the most influential people in your field will be linking to your website. This is one of the most powerful forms of link building because you will be getting backlinks from REAL websites that are relevant and have a high DA (Domain Authority).

Why your business needs Cosmic Outreach.

SEO is constantly changing, Google's algorithm and AI is now getting incredibly intelligent. Not too long ago we used to be able to get away with using lower quality backlinks to increase our website's organic presence. These days, the focus is on quality rather than quantity. The backlinks that we create produce very good results due to the fact that they are natural backlinks, we are providing engaging content that generates real traffic.

PBN's are dying... fast.

PBN's (Private Blog Network) have been the most common form of link building over the last few years. But the truth is, they are not even close to as effective as they used to be. This is simply because Google has adapted to a point where if they see a website with no engagement, no real value, not to mention the obvious footprints. Then the algorithm isn't going to see it as much value.

The Long Term Solution?

Backlinks from real trusted websites. It really is as simple as that, link building is and always will be the #1 factor for ranking a website when it comes to SEO, this will never change. For us, it just makes sense to focus on getting links that will benefit your online business for years to come.

Guest posting also builds credibility, If a renown website trusts you, so will its readers. You can easily leverage this trust to establish yourself as an expert in the community. The more insightful and useful information you write, the stronger your name will become.


How It Works

1. Choose one of the site options below (you can increase the quantity of the order on the next page)

2. Submit your website URL & Keyword, complete payment.

3. We begin our outreach process by reaching out to influencers in your industry using connections we have built up over several years.

4. Our copywriting team will begin to craft a piece of content that will be niche relevant to your website and keyword choice.

5. Upon completion, we will deliver a full report to your dashboard.



DA 15 - 25 WEBSITE


1 Keyword / URL



DA 25 - 35 WEBSITE


1 Keyword / URL





1 Keyword / URL


What is the TAT?

TAT is typically around 20 days, this can vary depending on multiple factors. We will keep you updated if we expect the order to take longer.

Will these links harm my website?

No, these links will not harm your website. These are very high quality links, the only time there might be increased risk is when our customers start placing orders over 20-30 at a time. We are always honest with our customers and we would stop the order if we feel it could potentially put your website at risk.

What makes you different from other outreach services?

Well, for starters we actually do manual outreach. Most service providers will only concentrate on the DA of a site and nothing else. Many of their sites are PBN type sites that offer no value or content farms where anybody can publish whatever they like. We use our connections to get you featured on websites with very strict guidelines.

Do you offer refunds?

We only offer refunds within 24 hours of purchase. Once the work has commenced, we cannot issue refunds due to the nature of this service. If we feel like your website isn't suitable for this service then we will refund you 100%.

Do you allow Adult/Pharma/Gambling sites?